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Helping you to:


  • Identify, grow and develop your leaders to meet organisation challenges by:

    • Identifying key leadership roles and ensuring their accountabilities are clearly aligned to business strategy.

    • Defining leadership capabilities to enable effective assessment, recruitment, selection and development of your leaders.

    • Planning career pathways to help you grow more of your own future leaders – with breadth of experience as well as depth of expertise.

  • Optimise the performance and productivity of leaders and their teams through:

    • Establishing a shared understanding of individual capabilities and behaviours and how this impacts on team performance.

    • Facilitating the development of individual and team action plans.



“Aquarius demonstrated a very practical and insightful approach to helping me put together the right leadership team and getting us working together effectively, with each other and with the new Board. Their contribution to both team and individual development has played a vital role in helping us to establish an open and honest leadership culture.” Chief Executive, NHS Community Heath Service

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