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Organisation Design


Helping you to:


  • Translate your target operating model or change requirements into clearly defined new or changed roles and structures.

  • Design and test alternate future models against relevant criteria to ensure optimum fitness for purpose.

  • Determine the required number of management layers and appropriate spans of control.

  • Allocate accountabilities and capabilities to the right roles at the right levels.

  • Define roles and describe ‘what good looks like’ in the new world.

  • Analyse the gap between today and tomorrow in order to plan and phase an orderly transition.



"Aquarius provided a lot of technical advice as we worked through the role profile details, often highlighting areas where accountabilities were missing, were duplicated or needed to be amended. It was extremely helpful having the design authority on hand to oversee the big picture and again provide advice on where certain accountabilities should be sitting."  OD Project Manager Retail Financial Services

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