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Is there a Doctor in the house?

We are delighted to announce that after five years of hard work, Aquarius' Angela Ellam has been awarded a PhD from the University of Huddersfield.

Angela is now a Doctor of Philosophy for research in political power in local government, which follows on from her Post Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Modernisation.

All her friends and colleagues at Aquarius would like to offer our congratulations to Angela and to say how proud we are of her and her achievement. Well done, Angela!

For the past five years, we have supported Angela's decision to combine part-time consultancy work and studying - and we're delighted that you, our clients, will now be able to reap the benefits of that hard work and dedication by being supported by such a highly qualified consultant.

Angela has decided to keep her consultancy hours to a part-time basis so, don't delay in contacting us to commission Angela to support your business because we're sure she's going to be in even more demand than ever!

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